• Name and date of birth of deceased
  • Date and place of death
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Place of birth
  • Usual Home Address
  • County of Residence

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It may be helpful to consider a few things before we meet with you.  As part of our role we need to fulfill two services.  First is the legal requirements relating to a death and second is carrying out the family’s wishes.

Legal requirements:

There are personal details about the deceased that Affordable Cremation Solutions will need from the family.  This enables us to register and obtain certified copies of death certificates from Vital Statistics. The following information will be required and it will be helpful if the family can obtain prior to meeting with us:

Before We Meet

Specific Wishes:

You should begin thinking about the type of urn you wish to have and if the deceased  left instructions, what specific requests need to be carried out.

We will help you every step of the way in the decision making process and provide you with any information you may need.

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  • Name of Spouse
  • Education Level
  • Military Service Record
  • Informant
  • Informant address 
  • Relationship to informant
  • County of Death
  • Usual Occupation
  • Ethnic group(s)
  • Mother’s Full Name (Maiden)
  • Father’s Full Name
  • Marital Status at Time of Death